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Reposted from  Hibiscus-Lime :

This has gone too far.
I thought this crap about the mmd points drama had stopped ages ago, 
I know people are still saying things about me but i had no idea it would get this far.
This is fucking DISGUSTING and I am in no state to be dealing with this BULLYING.
You have absolutely no right to turn some stupid shit you heard from someone, without even knowing me into this.
This is getting into serious and illegal territory.
I got sent a link to this post…

It also mentions Our-Desolate-Love

The entire blog is filled with hate and saying "death to these mmd users" "kill yourself"

Its a fucking 3D animation software, what the fuck is wrong with them?

For the love of god, report this person.
And also the original blog and the faves
They literally hate on practically Everyone.
I don't even think its a troll blog and if it is, this is VILE. 
You can not target specific people telling them to kill themselves, this is literally against the fucking law.


Look, I saw that you liked this post…

I have a suspicion that you asked it.
If you didn't, I apologise but you still faved it.
Can I just let you know, that no matter what I have done to anyone, even though I haven't personally said anything to you
This is completely unacceptable.
I found the link somewhere else, I do not have any association with that blog.
Not only is anonymously hating on 2 individuals sad and cowardly, also faving a post telling said individuals to kill themselves is fucking SICK.
I thought this situation ended ages ago but apparently not.
I have no words to describe how disgusted I am with this.
You have took something stupid and pathetic such as wanting a model to literally something ACTUALLY concerning the law.
You and whoever runs this blog had better stop this because you are getting into the territory that is punishable by law.
I wish for an apology from you to me and our-desolate-love.
otherwise I will taking further action.

Can everyone please report this and hopefully anyone behind this will be prosecuted because this is fucking evil and nobody (even the people i disagreed with, and i am sure the mature of them will agree with this) has any right to be treated like this.

I have received  a note back from lxwliet 
This is:

I'm dubious as to weather to believe you or not, as I've had a lot of lies being told to me recentlt but judging by your response chances are you are telling the truth.
I'm sorry for being angry at you but I think if you like these posts you can give people the wrong impression that you are supporting the said things.
I asked a person for a model and offered points then they blocked me etc because i was being "illegal"
Its too much to go into in one post but i wish to ensure you that i have never used anyone.
People simply have taken things out of context and then blocked me so i couldn't respond
I thought that you were  another one of the random people i never met who sent death threats to me.
(Has happened before on DA.)

Again, I'm sorry for this and i have no idea what our-desolate-love has done "wrong"
If you are lying, I hope you feel completely ashamed of yourself
But If you didn't do this i wish you well and will update my journal and I hope you don't like the posts again.

Thank you
It would also help if you could report the blog as i know I'm not the only person getting death threats

lxwliet said the following:

I did not ask the question.
I have notifications on for plsno-mmd and mmd-hate-blog because I want to be able to keep track with what goes on anymore.
I like the posts to say I've seen them. I don't mean to offend anyone by it.
I actually have no idea what happened?
I feel like it's not my place to even ask what happened, and I understand you're upset, but I wish you wouldn't come to me being angry and instead explain to me what happened...
I don't want you to die; I only like posts to say I've seen them.
I don't even know you or our-desolate-love, how could I send an ask about people I don't know and want people dead that I don't know?
As I said before, liking the posts mean I've seen them, in no way, shape or form, would I wish death on someone over something so simple as a model. That goes too fucking far and I don't see why anyone would even do such a thing.
I'm sorry for upsetting you.
I do not know you, and I am unaware of what happened, and I'd like to know if you'd tell me.
I don't know who is running the blog, and if I were to send an ask, I'd do it publicly, not anonymously. Even then, I still wouldn't send anything like that.
You don't know me. I understand you're upset about this, but considering this is literally the first time I've talked to you, let alone know about you, it's kind of throwing me off, I'm sure you can understand.
I didn't even remember the post to be honest.
I'm sorry for upsetting you, that was not even my intention since I don't even know you, and I definitely don't want you dead.
Please explain to me what happened, and I will also unlike any post I've liked on mmd-hate-blog.


Hibiscus-Lime Featured By Owner Mar 13, 2017  Student General Artist
Btw you can juat post the link instead of copying the whole post. :)
thepsychosisknights Featured By Owner Mar 14, 2017
some deviants don't have the balls to verbally attack a fellow deviant in person.

other peoples oppinions dont matter only my personal satisfaction. if more people folllowed this creed we could get along instead of being jerks to one another.
and if these guys are programmers you have nothing to worry about... they are mostly talk.
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