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After surgery :iconmetalheadbabe50:Metalheadbabe50 0 6
Artistic-Doll, what can I say?
you know how to make my day
even when it's sickly rotten,
even when I feel forgotten.
You have spunk, talent and wicked class,
you sure know how to kick some ass!
Always there to help people through,
thank God for a friend like you!
:iconmetalheadbabe50:Metalheadbabe50 3 0
She's super bubbly, funny, reliable,
extra sweet, a treat that's undeniable
She always knows how to have fun,
a super friend when you have none.
She's wicked cool, but nobody's fool,
she always knows where it's at
she's a scrumdiddidlyumpcious gal,
she's GoryJuneCat!
:iconmetalheadbabe50:Metalheadbabe50 1 0
Fancy Rae Niccals, Queen of Hearts :iconmetalheadbabe50:Metalheadbabe50 13 4 Simone LeNoir Baker :iconmetalheadbabe50:Metalheadbabe50 6 10
Incense and Peppermint
Simone LeNoir Baker peeked into 2D's room to see him meditating and smiled as her heart fluttered. Ever since the day she joined the Gorillaz as the second guitarist, the New Orleans born 19 year old had pined for the blue-haired pretty boy, although she thought she had nothing he might want. True she had flawless creamy white skin as delicate as the finest porcelain, a neck that would put the fairest swan to shame, full plump red lips, a dainty nose, large silver doe eyes with long curly eyelashes, perfectly trimmed eyebrows, small shell shaped ears, long silky fiery red curly Q hair that was like liquid flame, a slender, curvaceous body, a natural peppermint scent, a perfect ass, full E cup breasts and dainty hands and feet with perfectly manicured smooth shell pink nails, he might think she was as ugly as she felt. Every night she fell asleep holding his action figure to her bosom or holding a baby doll and imagining it was their baby. With a sighed she imagined kissing his neck and
:iconmetalheadbabe50:Metalheadbabe50 7 18
You were there
to hear me cry,
Now you have finally
touched the sky.
I cried and laughed
all day today,
you never returned my jacket
but that's okay.
You're out of pain
but I wonder why,
the good ones have
to say goodbye.
:iconmetalheadbabe50:Metalheadbabe50 1 4
Old or young,
big or small.
Here's what happens
to us all.
We go to sleep,
we close our eyes
and leave behind
a nest of flies.
The lantern bearer lights the way,
for those who no more seize the day.
Blind eyes peer out from every head,
that crowds the carriage of the dead.
Nor crown nor coin can halt time's flight,
or stay the armies of the night.
King and villain, lad and lass,
all answer to the hour glass.
A miser thought to keep his gold,
as shield against the coming cold.
But what cared death for mortal gains?
He smiled upon the miser's pains.
A gentle hand will help the dead,
to find the way to their last bed.
Who engineers the mortal's end,
will tell you he is man's best friend.
:iconmetalheadbabe50:Metalheadbabe50 7 6
Super star Zelphyr117 :iconmetalheadbabe50:Metalheadbabe50 1 4
I am alone,
forever in pain
there is no sun,
only rain.
If I die,
nobody would care
nobody would even know,
I was ever there.
You will suffer,
until you are alone like me
let's share our pain,
misery loves company.
:iconmetalheadbabe50:Metalheadbabe50 3 1
H- is for the horrible visions in My head.
E- is for everybody falling down dead.
L- is for love long past.
L- is for life surrendering to the hour glass.
:iconmetalheadbabe50:Metalheadbabe50 3 1
Why I write
Why do I write
of foul and fair,
of blight and famine
death and despair?
Why do I write
of storm and rain,
of sorrow and sickness
comfort and pain?
Why do I write
of lost true love,
of murder and madness
of punishment from above?
I write to reveal
to show the blind,
the true barbed wire
of My twisted mind.
:iconmetalheadbabe50:Metalheadbabe50 6 8
Raven Child
Murdoc walked through the carpark, on His way to 2D'S room. He always loved to see His beloved "wife" every chance He got. As He stopped at the door, He heard a soft mewling sound coming from the crib in the corner of the room. It was Judas Faust Niccals, Murdoc and 2D'S newborn son. He still couldn't believe He and 2D were parents. They didn't believe 2D was pregnant at first, until Murdoc discovered it was a side effect to the satanic ritual He had performed to bond Him and 2D together for all eternity. Whatever the reason, He and Murdoc were deliriously happy. He started to call out for 2D, but quieted when He saw a sight that made His heart swell and sent a bolt of fire to His groin. 2D was sitting in His rocking chair with Judas suckling at His swollen, leaking nipple. Murdoc walked up behind Him and pressed a gentle kiss to 2D's cheek. 2D turned and smiled at His husband before Murdoc captured His petal soft plump lips in a deep, passionate kiss. Then Murdoc wrapped His arms arou
:iconmetalheadbabe50:Metalheadbabe50 28 28
Family Love
Virgil was fast asleep in Hotstreaks arms, when a wailing cry broke into His dream. Shaking off the fog of sleep, Virgil carefully slid out of His husbands possessive grasp and went into the next room over to a crib. Smiling down at Their newborn son, Aidan Gene Stone, Virgil gently picked Him up and sat down in the rocking chair behind Him. He kissed Aidan on the forehead as He hungrily began suckling on Virgil's swollen nipple. Just then, Virgil felt a gentle kiss on His cheek. He turned and smiled as Hotstreak wrapped His strong arms protectively around the two most important people in His life. Aidan looked just like Hotstreak. He had the same red and gold striped hair, green eyes and skin, but Virgil was happy when They discovered that He also possessed some of Jean's features, like Her nose, mouth and chin. Virgil gently removed His nipple from Aidan's mouth and burped Him. As He burped, a small flame flashed from His mouth. Virgil's eyes widened. He looked at Hotstreak. The look
:iconmetalheadbabe50:Metalheadbabe50 6 4
Hotstreak lay in bed, having just woken up to the sound of Virgil vomiting in the bathroom. He groaned and rubbed His face. This had been going on for a few days now, and Virgil was too damn stubborn to go to the doctor. Not that He blamed Him, but hell, it was better than a hospital. His chain of thought was broken by Virgil climbing into bed and snuggling up to Him. Hotstreak sighed and said "Baby, You have to see a doctor!" Virgil nodded. "Fine, but You'll have to drive."
Hotstreak sat outside the doctor's examination room waiting for Virgil. What the hell was taking so goddamn long?! Finally the door opened and Dr. Tippleman stepped out. "Mr. Stone?" Hotstreak stood up and followed Him into the room. Virgil was sitting on the examination table putting His shirt back on. The doctor looked at His clipboard and said "Well, We've done blood and urine tests and We should soon have the results in a minute or so." Just then a
:iconmetalheadbabe50:Metalheadbabe50 9 21


She Knows :iconflora-tea:Flora-Tea 52 13 CEZ OC Ocelot :iconsallynight22:SallyNight22 5 8
Mature content
Murdoc Wearing Converse Drawing :iconrubybug98:Rubybug98 2 0
DxR in Lab :iconkameboxer:KameBoxer 28 5 Rayleah Hammersmith :icon564223gurl:564223gurl 7 0 Girly Gastino :icon564223gurl:564223gurl 2 0 Eternal Youth :iconspoopty23:spoopty23 113 84 2D yet again :iconspoopty23:spoopty23 34 10 2DEHH :iconsugarplanet:sugarplanet 8 0 Gorilaz 2D in Maid outfit :iconbells123:bells123 18 0 Wyngling Approval Application :iconsparklyhell:SparklyHell 3 4 Creeptrap For Fun-Time-Is-Party :iconkova360:Kova360 22 15 Guava pink :iconlily-fox:lily-fox 204 4 For TheUltimateEnemy :iconkova360:Kova360 15 7 The Little Half Demon Pt 2 :icon564223gurl:564223gurl 16 2 Murdoc's Bath :iconrubybug98:Rubybug98 6 3


:typerhappy: :typerhappy: :typerhappy: :typerhappy: :typerhappy: A GORILLAZ ANIMATED TV SERIES IS IN THE WORKS!!! :typerhappy: :typerhappy: :typerhappy: :typerhappy: :typerhappy:
Reposted from someone else:

Soooo, a user named GoldenShadow20 has harassed my dear dear dear friend, :iconxx-anime-ut-trash-xx:, all because she decided to stop making concept arts for his stupid game. All of this happened two years ago but suddenly he decides to make an account yesterday just for the sake of verbally abusing her and forcing her to apologize or else he would ruin her art career. Here are some screenshots of their conversation:

Screen Shot 2017-04-19 at 5.02.51 PM by Kiki-Swirline

Screen Shot 2017-04-19 at 5.03.04 PM by Kiki-Swirline

And even after she apologized, he didn't even take responsibility for his actions and just said this: 

Screen Shot 2017-04-19 at 5.44.48 PM by Kiki-Swirline

See? No apologies, no words of genuine concern, no nothing! Instead he just said that he "forgave her" (when she did nothing wrong!), told her not to kill herself because he didn't want that on his conscience and warned her saying that if she did this again to anyone then "he will come back". What is he? The Fuckin' Terminator. 

And to reinforce the fact that he sees no wrong with his actions, here is another conversation he had with another artist who stepped in and tried to diffuse the situation:

Screen Shot 2017-04-19 at 5.50.56 PM by Kiki-Swirline

Screen Shot 2017-04-19 at 5.51.17 PM by Kiki-Swirline

....Yeah, so now we the problem here don't we?

He really hurt her and i just can't let him get away with something like this. So, even if he does have an account what if he shows up here and pulls this shit again? I think it would best if he had his entire IP banned. So, here is his account:


And here's where you can report him: Here's a link to the FAQ about Banning and suspension on dA -->
I really need help on this 
This person
Is thinking of ending her life ..... 
She thinks no one really cares about her....
i can't let that happen and i don't want her to lose her life because of her sadness 

For the love of god please. .. help me save her
Reposted from  Hibiscus-Lime :

This has gone too far.
I thought this crap about the mmd points drama had stopped ages ago, 
I know people are still saying things about me but i had no idea it would get this far.
This is fucking DISGUSTING and I am in no state to be dealing with this BULLYING.
You have absolutely no right to turn some stupid shit you heard from someone, without even knowing me into this.
This is getting into serious and illegal territory.
I got sent a link to this post…

It also mentions Our-Desolate-Love

The entire blog is filled with hate and saying "death to these mmd users" "kill yourself"

Its a fucking 3D animation software, what the fuck is wrong with them?

For the love of god, report this person.
And also the original blog and the faves
They literally hate on practically Everyone.
I don't even think its a troll blog and if it is, this is VILE. 
You can not target specific people telling them to kill themselves, this is literally against the fucking law.


Look, I saw that you liked this post…

I have a suspicion that you asked it.
If you didn't, I apologise but you still faved it.
Can I just let you know, that no matter what I have done to anyone, even though I haven't personally said anything to you
This is completely unacceptable.
I found the link somewhere else, I do not have any association with that blog.
Not only is anonymously hating on 2 individuals sad and cowardly, also faving a post telling said individuals to kill themselves is fucking SICK.
I thought this situation ended ages ago but apparently not.
I have no words to describe how disgusted I am with this.
You have took something stupid and pathetic such as wanting a model to literally something ACTUALLY concerning the law.
You and whoever runs this blog had better stop this because you are getting into the territory that is punishable by law.
I wish for an apology from you to me and our-desolate-love.
otherwise I will taking further action.

Can everyone please report this and hopefully anyone behind this will be prosecuted because this is fucking evil and nobody (even the people i disagreed with, and i am sure the mature of them will agree with this) has any right to be treated like this.

I have received  a note back from lxwliet 
This is:

I'm dubious as to weather to believe you or not, as I've had a lot of lies being told to me recentlt but judging by your response chances are you are telling the truth.
I'm sorry for being angry at you but I think if you like these posts you can give people the wrong impression that you are supporting the said things.
I asked a person for a model and offered points then they blocked me etc because i was being "illegal"
Its too much to go into in one post but i wish to ensure you that i have never used anyone.
People simply have taken things out of context and then blocked me so i couldn't respond
I thought that you were  another one of the random people i never met who sent death threats to me.
(Has happened before on DA.)

Again, I'm sorry for this and i have no idea what our-desolate-love has done "wrong"
If you are lying, I hope you feel completely ashamed of yourself
But If you didn't do this i wish you well and will update my journal and I hope you don't like the posts again.

Thank you
It would also help if you could report the blog as i know I'm not the only person getting death threats

lxwliet said the following:

I did not ask the question.
I have notifications on for plsno-mmd and mmd-hate-blog because I want to be able to keep track with what goes on anymore.
I like the posts to say I've seen them. I don't mean to offend anyone by it.
I actually have no idea what happened?
I feel like it's not my place to even ask what happened, and I understand you're upset, but I wish you wouldn't come to me being angry and instead explain to me what happened...
I don't want you to die; I only like posts to say I've seen them.
I don't even know you or our-desolate-love, how could I send an ask about people I don't know and want people dead that I don't know?
As I said before, liking the posts mean I've seen them, in no way, shape or form, would I wish death on someone over something so simple as a model. That goes too fucking far and I don't see why anyone would even do such a thing.
I'm sorry for upsetting you.
I do not know you, and I am unaware of what happened, and I'd like to know if you'd tell me.
I don't know who is running the blog, and if I were to send an ask, I'd do it publicly, not anonymously. Even then, I still wouldn't send anything like that.
You don't know me. I understand you're upset about this, but considering this is literally the first time I've talked to you, let alone know about you, it's kind of throwing me off, I'm sure you can understand.
I didn't even remember the post to be honest.
I'm sorry for upsetting you, that was not even my intention since I don't even know you, and I definitely don't want you dead.
Please explain to me what happened, and I will also unlike any post I've liked on mmd-hate-blog.




Breeding on insanity.
United States
:typerhappy: :typerhappy: :typerhappy: :typerhappy: :typerhappy: A GORILLAZ ANIMATED TV SERIES IS IN THE WORKS!!! :typerhappy: :typerhappy: :typerhappy: :typerhappy: :typerhappy:


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